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About us

21st of October 2013, the RS-Motorcycle Solutions website was switched ON.
A lot has happened since then. In spring of this year we moved to our new office and warehouse building in Kruft. Here, much more storage space, offices, a store-area, etc. are available to us. Also we have plenty of space for growing, there are many plans for the future.
The Story:
Nothing is as exciting and emotionally charged as the motorbike stuff. That´s what I thought in 2003, at the age of "only" 25 years,  after I left the interview with one of the big motorcycle accessories specialists. By this time the virus had been irrevocably injected and the two-wheeled vehicles became my passion.
As a car mechanic, the subject "Motorcycle" was not unknown to me, of-course, but until then I didn't´t have much to do with motorcycles. This changed quickly. I am sure that many motorcyclists have had the same experience.
Of course, I took the motorcycle driving license immediately, and one to the other day I got my first bike. A Kawasaki ZX9R - what a rocket. From then on, I collected kilometers on my Kawa and on various bikes of the fleet of my former employer.
I could even participate on a trip to Moscow an unforgettable experience!
But back to the topic "About us":
After almost a decade and a decent career up to the export manager of the company with international customers the desire for more and the lust for personal creativity and space had grown steadily. So I decided to run my own Company.
In October 2013 I started. My very young company started as a one-man show via Onlineshop, high-quality windshields and a few selected items for motorcycle enthusiasts.
Quickly the shelves in the office became too small. From then on, the car had to park outside, because the double garage was, as for many other young companies too, the warehouse and dispatch center.
More and more shelves were built up, and the boxes were stacked to the ceiling containing fitting kits, windshields and many other parts and items. More shelves and a larger packing table followed and again everything was much too tight. Meanwhile the onlineshop was expanded to three languages within a very short time.
Due to the Italian origin of a parent and native language skills, I was able to convince various manufacturers from one of the most motorcycle-driven countries in Europe to supply my company. This resulted in the clear fact that the garage and the office at my home were not enough anymore ... The search for a suitable property was intensified in the year 2016 and in winter it was finally done: Not far from the domestic garage, in the neighboring village Kruft was a great object to have.
The winter was used to renovate and to polish the new property, Preorder for 2017 was made, storage racks built up, modern shop equipment, the office equipped, and and and.
After some sleepless weeks the first packages were packed in the new warehouse, the first orders were retrieved on the new computer.
The family business is growing and the future holds some surprises - thanks to you!
We look forward to many kilometers with you and for you, as useful and functional motorcycle accessories are our passion. Motorcyclists tested and developed with a personal touch and style.
Roberto Schmitz